map-of-thailandThailand has become one the top destination for medical tourism. Thailand has caters more than a million medical tourist yearly with its world class medical facilities. Thailand has more than 30 JCI accredited hospitals which provide language translators in more than 20 languages. There are various treatments which are being offered by Thailand apart from the famous transgender procedures there are others such as dental, organ transplant, cardiology, reproductive medicine, cosmetic and spine surgery.

Thai people are known for their hospitality which they truly reflect in their high standard of service by greeting people with smile and fulfilling their needs as and when required. Apart from providing medical services at lower cost, the medical staff is well trained and many of them have standards as equal to its western counterparts.

There are few visa restrictions as traveller from over 40 countries can travel without visa under Visa Exemption while traveller from over 20 countries can get visa upon arrival. It should be noted that medical travellers need to obtain visa before leaving their home country as one cannot enter Thailand as entry would be denied although GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) medical tourist can stay up to 90 days without visa. After the treatment medical tourist can stay in the country provided that he has validity on the visa.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.