South Korea

map-of-south-koreaSouth Korea is one the largest economies in Asia and enjoys the status of being a develop nation. Known as the Land of the Morning Calm many people choose South Korea for medical treatment as it has exotic tourist spots, Buddha temples, beaches, culture, friendly environment, cutting edge technology, easy access, lower cost of treatment.

The hospitals and clinics have high standards which are accredited by international and national standards namely JCI and KOIHA (Korean Institute for Healthcare Accreditation). The technology used by South Korean in medical care facilities is of very high standards and sophisticated as it saves the medical records and reports in computerized system so that healthcare providers in the country can access it, if location is being changed.

Korea has also mastered the art of robotic surgery as it offers highly advanced medical services with the combination of biotechnology and information technology and contributing more in the medical discipline.

The most common treatment which medical tourist seek for in South Korea is cosmetic surgeries but apart from this there are other areas of medical treatment such as eye, dental, cardiology, neurology, transplants, ENT, layer treatment among others.

This country has been attracting medical tourist from US, Canada, European Union nation and other neighbouring countries such as China. A medical tourist has to apply for Medical Visa however tourist from US and Canada can stay up to 90 days without visa provided that they have valid passport.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.