map-of-singaporeSingapore is amongst the top destination for medical tourism in the world. As English being its one of the official language and enjoying a status of develop country, Singapore surely attracts those medical tourists who have fear of travelling to developing countries for treatment. Although the prices are higher as compared to its competitive countries such as India and Thailand but it’s still cheaper as compared to UK and USA.

Singapore is well connected and hygienic country with high standard of living and diverse culture which provide safe and high quality services. As its medical staff including doctor and nurses being highly trained makes it trustworthy and gained 15 accreditation from JCI for hospital and medical centres. With high standards of equipments and services Singapore has specialised in various services such as cancer, eye, ophthalmology, cardiology, paediatrics, gynaecology, orthopaedics, oncology, skin treatment, stem cell transplant, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and dental treatment.

Travelling to Singapore is easy as it has one of the best airports in the world Changi International Airpo0rt which is well connected by major airlines and for most westerner visa is not required as they can stay up to 30 days although there are few Middle Eastern countries which require sponsorship which in this case is the doctor.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.