map-of-philippinesOver the past of couple of years Philippines has become one of the leading destination for medical tourism in Asia although medical tourism was already existed but due to more awareness and growth of medical tourism, it is no longer not only known for beach holidays.

The emerging high standards of medical services, English speaking doctors, hospitality treatment and many doctors being trained in US, UK and Australia in order to keep high standards and many of them go for training abroad every year in order to keep up with world standard of medical care which in turn makes it favourable choice for many medical tourists. Philippines has been attracting medical tourist from Australia, US, Middle East, UK, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other Micronesian States due to its most advanced medical services in Asia.

The most popular treatment which medical tourist seek are dental and orthopaedics treatment, cardiac, cancer, cosmetic and bariatric surgery, ophthalmology among other. The medical tourist from US, UK, Japan, and Australia and among other who qualify for visa exempt can stay up to 21 days and for those nationals who don’t qualify for visa exemption must obtain a visa.

Post treatment there many option such as one can explore the architecture, various island, white sands, diving, mountains biking and water sports or can visit various spas for faster recovery.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.