map-of-mexicoMexico has placed itself among the top destination for medical tourism by treating over a million medical tourists yearly. Its close proximity to US and Canada makes medical tourist head towards the southern side for lower cost of medical services with high standards. English being widely spoken by doctors while some of them also have international experience.

There are around 7 JCI accredited hospital while other have been certified by the Health Ministry. While getting international and national certified the Mexico has gained popularity for cosmetic and dental treatment but apart from this highest level of services are being met in oncology, cardiology, orthopaedics, and gastroenterology. Level of services and standards are high and as comparable to other develop nation with the help of cutting edge technology and developed infrastructure.

Post treatment a medical tourist can explore the country as it has different climatic condition which can suit the needs of medical tourist depending upon the treatment received. Apart from the rich history of Mexico one can enjoy beaches, valleys, culture, spas, recovery centres and enjoy the biodiversity which Mexico has to offer. Visa is not required for US and European nationals including others such as Japan, Brazil, Australia however there are nation which require visa before which could granted by consulate in their respective countries. There is Mexican Tourist Card should be obtained and stamped at the immigration and should be returned at the time of leaving country.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.