map-of-indiaIndia is considered to be preferred destination amongst medical tourist globally as it not only provides health services at fraction of a cost but also with high standards which are at par with western countries. India has a pool of doctors and nurses which are highly trained and fluently English speaking which make sure that patient needs are satisfied. English is second official language and it is widely spoken by doctors due to whom there is no language barrier which helps to satisfy psychological needs and gain confidence in the patient.

A large number of doctors have been trained abroad and many has came back to India which has brought in the high level of standards in the country and also the technological advancement in the hospitals being used helps India to stand out its competition in medical tourism globally. Lower cost, high standards of service, state of the art technology, and tourist destinations post treatment, lesser waiting time for procedure, English speaking doctors and nurses makes India a preferred destination for medical tourists.

India offers almost every medical procedure which makes it a one stop destination such as heart surgery, cancer treatment, dental, neuro surgery, eye treatment, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, cosmetics, hip and knee replacement, bone marrow transplant, cardiac surgery and many among others. India is considered to be a major destination for surgeries and often tourism becomes a part of medical journey which makes it an enriching experience.

Post treatment medical tourist can explore India as being seventh largest country in the world, India has a lot offer from mountains to deserts to beaches or one can see itself being a part of festivals taking place throughout the country. Apart from tourist destination one can also experience yoga, aryuveda and meditation which help to recover faster. A medical tourist has to obtain a visa before arriving as there is special Medical Visa for medical tourist and they can have up to two travel companion with them.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.