map-of-hungaryHungry is amongst the leader in European Union for medical tourism. Being situated centrally it attracts medical tourist from Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and Dutch and from other Scandinavian countries.

Due to its centralised location it has the advantage of low cost flight, English speaking doctors, accreditation and tourism packages and low cost treatment with high standards providing excellent value in return.

For long period of time Hungary is known for its dental treatment, medicinal water and spa treatment, now Hungary has been promoting other fields of medicine such as fertility treatment, rehabilitation centres, cosmetic and orthopaedic surgery, anti-ageing, eye treatment and dermatology and obesity treatment. US and Canadian national does not require visa among other countries and can stay up to 90 days however there are other countries national that require visa, they have to apply for medical visa.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.