Costa Rica

map-of-costa-ricaDue to rising health care facilities and long waiting time, Costa Rica has placed itself amongst the top destination for medical travel in Latin America. Due to its close proximity it has become favourable and ideal destination for American and Canadian medical tourists. Costa Ricans are friendly people and its vibrant culture attracts people from all over the world.

This country has high standard spas and hot springs which makes it a ideal place for recovery after the treatment .The national parks, rainforest and beaches of Costa Rica attract lots of tourist due to which it makes it bio diversified place on earth. English is widely spoken in Costa Rica due to which traveller don’t have to face the language barriers and the time zone is ideal due to which medical tourist is not stressed out by change in time zone.

One of the biggest risks in Costa Rica is choosing the doctor, a doctor may have required qualification but it is important to know whether he has sufficient experience in the specific area of concern which a medical tourist is looking for. Many doctors have been trained in US or Canada but a speciality procedure may require couple of years of experience which may or may not have been acquired by doctors which they are advertising. Example a dentist may perform any dental treatment but special treatment should be performed by those doctors who have attained required education and training in respective area of concern.

Due to affordable treatment which at times can save 50 per cent is attracting medical tourist from its neighbouring countries for specialized treatment such as dentistry, cardiology, cosmetic, bariatric surgery, neurology among other. In order to enter Costa Rica a medical tourist must obtain a visa however there are countries whose nationals don’t require visa.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.