map-of-brazilLooking good makes people feel good. Brazil has become hub for Cosmetic Surgeries and it has managed itself to place in world top 10 destinations for medical tourism. With more than 40 JCI accredited hospitals and more than 4500 licensed plastic surgeons Brazil stand out itself by providing world class facilities at low cost. Apart from cosmetic and plastic surgeries Brazil also caters fertility treatment, dental treatment, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery.

The geographical location of Brazil makes it within easy reach from most of the U.S cities as one can reach Brazil between 8 to 11 hours and from London flight time is around 11 hours. Since Brazil is in southern hemisphere the climatic seasons are opposite to U.S as winters are from June to August and summers are from December to February. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese but English is spoken where international tourist visits.

Post treatment there many options one can explore for rejuvenation ranging from rainforest to beaches to deserts to mountains. In order to enter Brazil one must obtain visa before entering however there are certain nationals passport holder who need visa such as Turkey, Thailand, Switzerland, Costa Rica, France, Germany among others. As of now there is no medical visa for medical tourist as they can enter on tourist visa.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.