map-of-belgiumBelgium is one of the budding destinations for medical tourism in Europe due to its strong network of hospitals and clinic and developed medical infrastructure.

Belgium has been attracting medical tourist from UK, USA, France, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Romania, Middle East and Italy for its popular treatment such as orthopaedics, obesity, cosmetic, spinal, heart, neurosurgery, bariatric and joint replacement surgery among others.

Belgium can provide affordable treatment up to 50 per cent cheaper, strong infrastructure, English speaking medical staff, high standards of doctors as they have to study for number of years and hospitals, easy accessibility, advanced medical equipment, no waiting time, low rate of infection makes an ideal destination for medical tourist.

Post treatment a medical tourist can enjoy beach, mountains and festivals among other attraction which Belgium has to offer. There is no specific visa issued for medical treatment as one can get medical services on tourist visa also however there are certain countries which are exempted from the visa requirement such as USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Poland, New Zealand among others.

It is strongly recommended to contact the embassy or expert regarding visa requirements before travelling for medical assistance.