Now a day’s mostly the first point of conducting a research for medical travel is the internet where the medical tourist visits tons of website to get clear information regarding his enquires. Some websites are slow to load and provide little information while some are easy to navigate. What fears a medical tourist is that some websites are poorly maintained with outdated details or information.

There are many online platforms which promote hospitals or clinics but one should also keep a note of testimonials or reviews which are written by patients who has experienced their services. At times there are spoof reviews which are written by the specific medical provider itself. A company reputation is always at stake, if medical tourist gets poor service as one may take out the frustration on various platforms available online.

 The price of success for health travel usually depends on identifying the best/reliable medical facilitator or healthcare provider, understanding medical and travel arrangements, cultural barriers, pre and post treatment procedures.

Gathering information is good but one needs to have quality information which is well processed and understandable. There are many sources which at times may lead to a confusing state of mind as it may provide you with biased information to attract medical tourist to a specific country or to a specific medical service provider.

 A medical tourist must understand weak links in medical tourism process. There are medical tourism facilitators which can’t keep promises which they make which ultimately lead to bad experience. While there are some which are biased towards their specific health care facilitators while some inflate prices. It’s not hidden that there are fraud healthcare facilitators who just want to steal money from patients.

It has been observed that various facilitators offer services which are different from other facilitators which may lead to unexpected expectations. At times medical tourist become unsure about the services which will be provided due to wide variations of services provided by various facilitators therefore medical tourist should clarify and define what to expect from healthcare/facilitators providers while arranging treatment including pre and post treatment.

A medical tourist should narrow down its research while choosing its destination for treatment as it mean a wonderful or frustrating experience. By choosing right destination one should consider other factors such as infrastructure, navigation around town, cultural differences, climatic conditions, language barrier, and distance from your hometown and travel opportunities or sightseeing.

Medical tourist should prepare list of question while communicating with respective doctor and should send report and photographs well before which lead to satisfactory situation for doctor and patient.

While conducting research a medical tourist may find that every medical destination is heavily promoting itself but one should understand the technological aspect and the quality of doctors a medical tourist is looking for and what he actually got, as at times the service may turn out to be sub standard or even below.